Dear [About to Be] First-Time Parent

Dear First Time Parent|Part-Time Granola

I came across this heartfelt letter from a mama of three to her pregnant friends. It struck a cord (or several) with me. First, I needed – and still need – this letter so many times as I navigated Babyland. I needed the silent wishes, and the loud “you’re doing everything right”s. Second, I need this letter as I navigate Friendland. It is a great reminder to be present with my friends who are about to join me in Parentland. So, here is my letter to my [about to be] first-time parent friends:

Dearest Friend (and there are lots of you catching baby fever!),

Everything that other letter said – ditto. And then some. I want you to know that the greatest gift is about to come in the tiniest package. That sounds cliché, but it’s true. That package will scream, poop, and someday throw food on the floor (and toys at your head). That package will also coo, nuzzle, and someday giggle and hug you back. I agree that it isn’t always wonderful, and you will doubt yourself. Probably more times than you have ever doubted yourself. But you were made for this! And your baby was made to teach you how to do the things you might not already know how to do. Listen to your teacher. And when your teacher is confusing the heck out of you, hold them close. You can always love, even when you can’t fix. Know that I am constantly saying prayers and wishes for you. And not prayers and wishes that you read the last article I posted. True prayers and wishes that you know you and Baby were meant for each other. I have all kinds of opinions and things that did/didn’t work for me when I was in your shoes (I’M STILL IN YOUR SHOES!). But none of that matters, because I’m not you, and Sarah isn’t your baby. I have no judgements. I have no magical advice. But I have lots of love. And I can give you support. And hugs. And an ear. And wine coffee tea. Lots of tea. I am excited for you. And I’m excited for your baby. That baby is choosing some pretty wonderful people as parents! And just remember – when you find yourself thinking “I can’t do this” know that you’re already doing it.



Dear First Time Parent|Part-Time Granola

photos by Anne Victoria Photography


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