Taking Her Clothes Off to Prove a Point

I used to be the woman she’s talking about. My jewelry matched my shoes, which matched my purse, which matched my outfit. EVERY day. I wore makeup so often that when I didn’t my family thought I was ill. And my obsession with highlights…Well, that’s still pretty tough to let go of.

But for the past few years, I have been trying to peel away some of those layers and be more comfortable in my own skin. Since becoming a mom, I am even more motivated. Baby Bear is only 9 months old and she’s already fascinated watching me put on makeup. I don’t want her growing up thinking that’s a necessary part of a woman’s day.

Now, am I going to say “screw it” and NEVER wear makeup or jewelry again? No. In fact, I put on a little concealer already this morning. But this video does cause me to stop and think about what changes I can make in my life.

What about you? What changes have you made?


100 Happy Days


My friend recently posted this
100 Happy Days challenge on Facebook. I was intrigued, so I thought I’d check it out. And now, challenge accepted!

I think it’s staggering that so many of us don’t have time to be happy! I am included in this. I could give you a whole laundry list of reasons why life doesn’t go my way. But the truth is, there are many more moments when life is going great. It’s my choice to give more attention to those moments. So starting tomorrow, I will be spending 100 days documenting what makes me happy!
Will you join me?!



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Have you heard Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy”? I’m sure most of you have. I’ve been a little in love with Pharrell for MANY years, so I’m not surprised that I love this song. But even if you don’t love Pharrell, it’s hard not to get happy listening to this song. Even Baby Bear dances along. So when I found this video of elementary kids singing it, I just had to share. Sure to put a smile on your face!

Too Much Stuff

There’s some exciting things happening for Papa Bear, Baby Bear, and me. I can’t discuss the details yet, but I will say we have been taking inventory of our life a lot lately. And we have noticed that we have a LOT of STUFF. I don’t know how we managed to take what used to fit in a one-bedroom apartment and fill a three-bedroom house. IN LESS THAN A YEAR. But here we are, with more stuff than we could ever need. So, bit by bit, room by room (and let’s be honest – bin by bin) we are on a quest to sell, trade, and donate most of our possessions.

This quest got me thinking – what’s up with all this stuff, and how did we fall “victim” to such consumerism is such a short amount of time? Well, we NEEDED it, DUH. Psh. But seriously, I truly think we should all take inventory of how we contribute to the cycle of STUFF, and how it’s impacting our world.

Here’s a GREAT (short) film about STUFF